Your contact person in the CIS, the Baltic states and Ukraine
Guiding principles:

  • As a trading company for mechanical engineering equipment operating on an international scale with a focus on the CIS markets we are a customer-oriented company. We meet our customers with openness and respect and hold the customs, traditions and cultures of our partner countries in high regard.
  • We cultivate long-term relations in a spirit of partnership with our suppliers in Germany and Europe, all of which are among the international market leaders in their respective product segments of mechanical engineering. In this way we are able to offer solutions to problems that fit the requirements of our customers at the highest level.
  • Our qualified and performance-oriented staffs are our company’s capital. Team spirit, self-assurance and modesty shape their dealings with one another and govern their behaviour towards our customers and suppliers.
  • Transparency and fairness are the basic principles of our action, which is oriented toward long-term success. Decisions are reached on the basis of objective, realistic and comprehensible criteria. We act in accordance with the principles of fair competition and reject all forms of corruption.
  • To preserve the principal of continuity and the long-term orientation of the company we regularly analyse the economic and other business risks and take precautionary measures on this basis.
  • Social responsibility and environmental consciousness determine both internal company decisions and the staff- and environment-friendly technological solutions we develop.