Your contact person in the CIS, the Baltic states and Ukraine
  • weaving preparation machines, inc. drawing-in and tying/knoting systems, warping machines, beaming machines, sizing machines
  • weaving machines, inc. rapier weaving machines, air-jet weaving machines
  • carpet weaving machines
  • shedding machines, inc. dobby, cam and Jacquard machines
  • auxiliary machines and weaving accessories such as healds, heald frames, warp beams
  • lifting and transport equipment

Our most important partners for these products

Karl Mayer
  • warp preparation equipment for weaving
    • sectional warping machines
    • pattern warping machines
    • warping machines
    • beaming machines
    • sizing machines
    • unwinding creels
    • warping creels
Lindauer Dornier
  • rapier weaving machines
  • air-jet weaving machines
  • air-jet terry weaving machines
  • air-jet weaving machine for tyrecord
  • double carpet rapier weaving machine
  • cam machines, dobby machines
  • Jacquard machines for patterned fabrics:
    • for weaving lettering
    • for ribbons and labels
    • for flat and terry fabrics
    • for velvet and carpets
    • harnesses for Jacquard weaving
  • weaving preparation systems
    • automatic drawing-in equipment
    • warp tying/knoting equipment
  • weaving equipment
    • heald frames
    • healds
    • dropwires