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  • preparation machines for cotton spinning processes, inc. opening and cleaning machines, fibre blending, carding, drawing, combing machines, flyer (speed frame)
  • preparation machines for worsted, semi-worsted and carded yarn spinning processes, inc. raw wool scouring machines, defelting, cleaning and blending machines, carding, drawing, combing machines, flyers (speed frame)
  • man-made fibre spinning equipment for filament and staple fibres
  • specialised equipment for producing carbon fibres from PAN precursor
  • ring and rotor (open-end) spinning machines for short and long staple spinning
  • assembly, winding and twisting machines
  • auxiliary machines and workshops, accessories, transport

Our most important partners for these products

Oerlikon Barmag
  • polymer systems
  • filament spinning equipment for man-made fibres such as polyester, polyamide and polypropylene
  • texturizing
  • spinning, spin finishing, extrusion and booster pumps for man-made fibre spinning equipment
Oerlikon Neumag
  • equipment for carpet yarns (BCF yarns)
Saurer Schlafhorst
  • Zinser roving (speed) frame spinning machines
  • Zinser ring spinning machines for cotton and worsted spinning
  • Zinser compact spinning machines for cotton and worsted spinning
  • rotor (open-end) spinning machines
    • Autocoro automatic rotor spinning machine
    • BD semi-automatic rotor spinning machine
  • winding machines
    • Autoconer automatic cross winding machines
    • Autoconer rewinding machines
Saurer Volkmann
  • staple fibre yarn twisting (CompactTwister, FusionTwister)
  • twisting and cabling machines for carpet yarn (CarpetTwister, CarpetCabler)
  • ring twisting machines for glass filaments (GlassTwister)
Saurer Allma
  • twisting and cabling machines for tyrecord (CableCorder)
  • two-for-one twisting machines for industrial yarns (TechnoCorder)
Schlumberger (NSC fibre to yarn)
  • machines and lines for preparing and spinning long staple fibres
    • defelting, cleaning and blending equipment
    • preparation machines for worsted, semi-worsted and carded yarn spinning processes
    • carding and combing machines for semi-worsted and carded yarn
    • carding and combing lines for flax
    • flyers (speed frame)
    • ring spinning machines
    • stretch breaker
    • cutting converter
SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG (Only Uzbekistan)
  • Dye Packages / Rewinding
  • Air Texturing
  • False Twist Texturing
  • Air covering / Intermingling
  • Draw Winding, Assembly Winding , Sewing Thread Finish Winding, Parallel Winding
  • Yarn Singeing
  • machines and equipment for fibre preparation
    • bale openers
    • mixer/storage units
    • cleaner/opener
    • dust extraction
    • foreign part separator
    • tuft blender
    • waste recycling units
    • transport of materials
  • machines and equipment for sliver formation
    • input of materials
    • carding
    • integrated draw frame
    • draw frame
  • lap winders and combing machines
  • staple fibre spinning lines and carbon fibre production equipment