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  • Inspection and winding systems for flat web goods such as winders, inspection machines, spreading and laying/plaiting machines
  • web guiding elements such as curved rollers, polyband expanders
  • transport systems from incoming goods to outgoing goods
  • weighing systems from incoming goods to outgoing goods
  • storage and intermediate storage systems for the textile processing chain and all other materials (chemicals, dyes, spare parts etc.)
  • workshops for mechanical and electrical systems, machine maintenance
  • textile laboratories for fibre, yarn and surface testing, laboratory units
  • accessories and spare parts for the textile industry
Supply and Waste Disposal Equipment for Textile Mills
  • air-conditioning, ventilation systems for textile mills, mobile cleaners
  • electrical installations from supply via medium-voltage switchgears and transformers to low-voltage switchgears, emergency power supply, earthing and lightning protection, lighting, electrical outlets, communications systems
  • fire-prevention and protection systems with internal and external hydrants, sprinkler systems, detector and alarm systems, fire alarm centre, protective equipment
  • water treatment, sewage treatment plant, including pipework
  • steam supply / boiler house including pipework
  • compressed air supply including compressed air storage and pipework
  • thermal oil systems including pipework
  • sanitary engineering, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation