Your contact person in the CIS, the Baltic states and Ukraine
  • Nap and fleece formation with fibre opening, cleaning and mixing, nap and fleece formation
  • equipment for bonding (needle punching, water jet, thermal and chemical) and finishing fleeces (calendering, sizing, coating, laminating, impregnating, drying)
  • equipment for producing and finishing glass fibre fabrics and glass fibre mesh
  • equipment for producing and finishing geotextiles
  • equipment for producing and finishing (wool) felt
  • equipment for producing and finishing automotive textiles
  • equipment for preparing and processing recycled textiles

Our most important partners for these products

Andritz Asselin-Thibeau
  • lines and individual machines for fleece formation (drylaid nonwovens)
    • carding machines
    • nonwovens / cross-lapping
    • drafting
    • needle punching
    • calendering
Brückner Textile Technologies
  • through-flow dryer
  • infra-red dryer
  • coating equipment
  • finishing equipment for glass fibre fabrics / glass fibre mesh
  • fleece finishing equipment
Lindauer DORNIER
  • weaving machines for technical fabrics (e.g. conveyor belts, geogrids, carbon fibre fabrics)
  • air-jet weaving machine for tyre cord fabrics
Georg Sahm
  • precision cross winders
  • parallel winders
  • rewinders
  • high-speed winders