Your contact person in the CIS, the Baltic states and Ukraine
  • dry and wet pre-treatment machines such as singeing, bleaching and washing machines, mercerising machines
  • dyeing machines and appliances for yarns, woven and knitted fabrics
  • Impregnation plants for tire cord and conveyer belt as well as single end impregnation installation
  • textile printing machines, inc. rotary printing machines
  • stenters and dryers, inc. tenter frames
  • finishing machines inc. raising, polishing, shearing, emerizing, calenderíng, impregnating, shrinking and coating
  • machines for inspection and presentation/make-up
  • accessories for fabric finishing such as colour kitchens, workshops for printing screens, design systems, transport systems, chemical dosage systems, chemicals and consumables
  • machines for emerizing and brushing, shearing, raising, cloth cleaning, carpet shearing

Our most important partners for these products

  • Washing, Bleaching, Mercerizing
  • Dyeing / Küsters DyePad
  • Knit wear line
  • Impregnation and thermal treatment of tire cord and conveyer belt
  • Impregnation and hot stretch process of single end installations
  • Cutting installations
  • Calendar accessories
  • finishing of knitted fabrics, tubular and open-width, inc. relaxing, coating, stentering/drying/heat-setting, compacting
  • finishing of woven fabrics, inc. coating, continuous dyeing, stentering/drying/heat-setting, sanforising
  • equipment for finishing technical textiles such as
    • artificial grass, floor coverings and carpets
    • glass fibre / glass mesh fabrics
    • tarpaulin coverings for trucks and billboards
    • artificial leather and nonwovens
  • rotary printing machines
  • colour kitchens
  • steamers and dryers
  • coating and finishing systems
  • CAD software
  • accessories and screen printing workshop
  • piece dyeing
  • yarn dyeing
  • dryers and tumblers, centrifuges
  • colour kitchens and dissolving/mixing systems for chemicals and dyes
  • Heat-setting in saturated steam for BCF and SPUN yarns designated for CARPET yarn (Tufting and Woven Carpet)
  • Steaming, bulking and shrinking machines for PAN  High Bulk yarns
XETMA Vollenweider
  • emerizing and brushing machines
  • shearing machines
  • raising machines
  • cloth cleaning machines
  • carpet shearing machines