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If you are looking for innovative and economical machine solutions with high productivity for individual packaging demands, this family-run traditional company with 55 years of experience in blow moulding technology is the first choice worldwide for reliability, quality and safety.

  • Eblow – fully electric blow moulding machine
  • Hyblow – hydraulic blow moulding machine
  • BM – hydraulic blow moulding machine
  • BA – hydraulic large blow moulding machine
  • automotive


For almost three decades this family-run company has been producing innovative cooling systems with a surprisingly high saving potential and short payback periods. More than 4,000 satisfied customers in over 60 countries all over the world appreciate ONI system technology today.

  • cooling/chilling equipment
  • heat recovery
  • industrial air-conditioning systems and clean-room technology
  • modular cooling equipment and energy centres
  • compact chilling machines
  • temperature control systems
  • water treatment equipment


Continuous development, worldwide connections, modular construction, creativity and competence are rated extremely highly at Motan-Colortronic. Your competent partner for dosing and mixing, drying, crystallising, conveying, controlling and regulating and storing materials (granulates, powders etc.)

  • dosing and mixing
    • dry air dryers
    • hot air dryers
    • compressed air dryers
    • drying bins
    • Colortronic dryer
  • crystallising
    • crystallisers
  • conveying
    • material loaders for granulates
    • material loaders for powders
    • metal separators
    • proportioning valves
    • Colortronic material loaders
  • controlling and regulating
    • drying controls
    • conveying controls
    • mixing controls
    • Colortronic controls
  • storing
    • day bins
    • debagging stations
    • silos


Long company traditions shape this leading plant engineering company worldwide for high-quality bulk materials, granulates, powders, silos and mixing technology. Competent engineering, worldwide connections, years of experience in the project business (also with EPC contractors) make Zeppelin your valuable partner.

  • silos
    • Bolt-Tec
    • Panel-Tec
    • Weld-Tec
  • components
    • discharge and dosing modules
    • filters
    • fluidised beds
    • air volume control units
    • samplers
    • product purification
    • vacuum powder hopper loader
    • rotary feeders
    • bulk materials heat exchangers
    • sifting machines
    • vibratory hoppers/bottoms
    • diverter valves
  • mixers
    • laboratory mixers
    • intensive mixers
    • process mixers
    • horizontal mixers
    • container mixers
    • continuous turbo mixers
    • vertical mixers
  • compounders
    • flame retardants and additives
    • plastics recycling
    • mass compounds PE, PP
    • black, white and colour masterbatch
    • technical polymers
    • thermoplastic compounds
    • soft and hard PVC
    • WPC and bioplastics
  • process solutions
    • receipt of materials/storage technology
    • conveying technology
    • weighing and metering technology
    • discharge technology
    • processing/refining raw materials
    • mixing technology
    • cleaning
    • process control/automation
    • turn-key plants


Personal responsibility and willingness to innovate characterise the staff of the leading producer of injection mould machines worldwide. Integrated systems from one source, project planning, injection mould tools, automation, procedures and specialist training have priority here and represent the competitive advantage for our customers.

  • injection moulding equipment
    • packaging
    • automotive
    • medicine
    • teletronics
    • technical moulding
  • automation
    • six-axis robots
    • Engel robots
    • customer solutions
    • conveyor belts
    • automation tools
    • automation centres


is a global leader in the research, design and manufacturing of compounding systems for the plastics industry covering an extensive range of processing applications. The technology has proven performance processing polyolefin based compounds with high levels of mineral fillers, additives and color masterbatches, polymer-elastomer blends and applications requiring high intensity mixing while maintaining low processing temperature.
FARREL POMINI’s driving force is EFFICIENCY. The efficiency elements of the equipment include energy efficiency, processing efficiency and maintenance efficiency differentiating FARREL POMINI in the marketplace.
Principle products include Continuous Mixers, Compact Processors, Melt Pumps and Underwater Pelletizers. FARREL POMINI also provides repair, remanufacturing, machinery upgrade and project engineering services.
FARREL POMINI is the business unit of HF MIXING GROUP. Principle locations include the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Singapore. Laboratory Demonstration Facilities are located in the United States and United Kingdom. The Research & Development Facility is in the United States.

Neue Herbold

Since it was founded in 1995, this company has designed and produced with the highest quality requirements in its own machine assembly plant. For size reduction and reclamation of plastic waste of all types from production, processing and collecting old synthetic materials complex and innovative system solutions are being designed.

  • size reduction of plastic waste
    • single shaft shredders
    • two shaft shredders
    • pipe shredder
    • polystyrene shredder
    • bale breaker
    • screw shredder
    • guillotines
  • cutting mills
    • grinding mills
    • pulverisers
    • hammer mills
  • recycling
    • separation lines
    • washing lines
    • recycling lines
  • special waste recycling
    • wire recycling
    • mineralwool/glasswool
    • porous concrete blocks/limesandstones
    • waste wood/wooden palettes


Since it was set up in 1983, the world market leader has concentrated on the development and production of plastics recycling systems. Here the company has concentrated on high-performance and environmentally-friendly technologies and in its own machine assembly it places the greatest emphasis on quality the modular structure of the equipment.

  • Recycling systems
    • in-house and industrial
    • post consumer
    • bottle to bottle
    • bottle food contact approved
    • fibre, nonwoven, tape, textile
    • automotive
    • compounding
    • bioplastics
    • wood plastic compounds

Harburg-Freudenberger Group

An innovative company from tradition. Unites technical know-how for mixers and mixing room equipment, extrusion lines, tyre building machines and curing presses, screw presses, refining plants and oilseed preparation under one roof.

  • mixers & mixing room equipment
    • tyre production
    • special applications
    • technical rubber goods
  • extrusion lines
    • extruders
    • extrusion heads
    • roller heads
    • downstream
    • compact extruders
    • strainer extruders
  • tyre building machines
  • curing presses
    • column type presses
    • frame presses
    • frame presses for trucks
  • process solutions
    • stack PCI
    • host computers
    • computer-assisted networking
    • rapid container replacement