Your contact person in the CIS, the Baltic states and Ukraine
Project development and draft planning
  • technical/technological and commercial consultation
  • on-the-spot technical inspection/evaluation
  • preliminary projects including technological parameters, machine/plant and general layouts
Project planning and engineering
  • overall project with technology, process engineering, capacity and material planning
  • planning and engineering of all supply and disposal plants
  • design and planning of buildings, production halls, factory premises
  • compilation of process data, machine connection loads and media consumption
  • calculation and compilation of consumables and additives
  • planning of labour and staff requirements in accordance with the work schedule
  • process descriptions, technological schemata
Purchase and supply
  • selection of suppliers, purchase of machines, equipment and spare parts
  • guarantee of supply of spare parts for 10 years
  • coordination of supply (transport, insurance, logistics)
  • customs clearance
Installation and commissioning
  • coordination of assembly procedures, operational planning and deployment of installation teams
  • preparation and organisation of assembly and construction sites
  • commissioning – single-function tests with and without material, trial run of complete plant, proof of performance, certification of handover/takeover
  • documentation
  • training at machine suppliers, on-the-spot training
  • management assistance, technical assistance during the test and start-up phases
Modernisation and reconstruction of existing plant
  • analysis / recording of existing production lines
  • consultation, studies for measures to develop/improve production capacity
  • planning, delivery, installation of individual machines and components
Planning and realisation of buildings, supply and ancillary facilities, additional equipment
  • production, supply and administration buildings in solid and lightweight steel construction
  • heating and sanitation technology, ventilation and extraction
  • electrical installation – medium voltage and low voltage switchgears, transformers, emergency power supply, wiring
  • air-conditioning, dedusting and filter systems, refrigeration systems,
  • steam/hot water production
  • water treatment and sewage treatment plants
  • compressed air and compressor equipment
  • fire prevention systems with fire alarm and sprinkler systems, internal and external hydrant systems, fire-fighting equipment
  • workshops, laboratory technology, in-house transport, communications and security technology